Every morning I scour the web to see what's making news of Irish interest and up popped this picture on the right.

It's a piece from Cleveland.com about an Irish dancing teacher called Eileen O'Kennedy Dunlap who is teaching American children how to do the intricate steps in a place called Medina.

What's new about that? says you.

Well, it was the picture that grabbed me.

None of the girls are wearing those hideous wigs of ringlets and curls which have infiltrated Irish dancing like noxious weeds.

There. I've said it.

I love Irish dancing but I detest the wigs.

I don't know where they came from but they should all be stuffed into the drawers of history along with legwarmers and jeggings.

I don't know why this Ohio school has resisted the craze but fair play to them.

Maybe it's time for a campaign to ban the wigs from Irish dancing?


Ciara Budi, 10, and Mary Pat Sapola, 11, both of Medina, were joined by Maria Redle, 8, and Ellie Redle, 10, of Fairlawn as they performed their Irish dance routines on Medina Square in the picture fr