In late December Amber Wilton, a recently married New Yorker, was involved in a horrific crash. She had married an Irishman just weeks before the accident that has left her partially paralyzed.

The critically injured bride married Irishman and Co Louth native Michael Wilton (34) in November 2013.

The young bride's husband was working just a few blocks away and after hearing what happened he ran to the scene to find his newlywed wife badly injured.

As a result of the accident Amber has suffered extensive injuries including: a badly broken back, five broken ribs, a fractured pelvis.

After two major operations and countless other procedures Amber is still unable to use her legs.

"Michael, who is a plumber, works only four blocks away from where the accident happened and ran to the scene after he heard what had happened. When he arrived he saw Amber under the car in a pool of blood. He thought she was dead at first." said Michael’s mother Patricia.

Michael has been living in America for a number of years and met Amber three and a half years ago. The couple got  engaged last October.

Patricia said: "After the accident Amber was in intensive care for two weeks. She is now in rehabilitation at Helen Hayes Hospital but the cost of the care is $3,000 a day and she will have to stay there for two months."

After her medical procedures were complete Amber was transferred to Helen Hayes, a rehabilitation facility in Haverstraw, NY where she will have to stay for a few months.

Amber will be in recovery for at least two years and her husband will have to take a lot of time off to help care for her.

There is a benefit night on April 13 at 2pm in The Rambling House (4292 Katonah Ave, Bronx, New York) and there will be other events held.

All proceeds from the benefit night will go towards Amber’s care.

To donate to the cause visit their YouCaring page here.