With its stunning beauty and great waves, Donegal in Ireland is a prime spot for surfing. However, a recent YouTube video showed how a prank nearly turned the spot of Rossnowlagh into a scene out of ‘Jaws.’

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A group of surfers got their laughs when they pushed one of their own overboard as a shark was approaching in the waters.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident, and the shark actually turned out to be one of a friendly variety - a basking shark, which only feeds on plankton (and not surfers!). Upon approaching the surfers’ dinghy, the shark actually flopped out of the way to avoid running into it.

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“What the f***?! That was mad!” the cameraman says after the victim was pulled back aboard.

“He kept coming at me,” the surfer, who attempted to punch the shark out of the way, said.

Check out the video here: