The Canadian woman who fell for a Secret Service Agent when they met in Ireland, has spoken about her love affair with the married man – whom she thought was single.

Arthur Huntington, 41, a disgraced secret service agent was part of President Obama’s security team during his visit to Ireland in May 2011. The security official was forced to quit after claims that while he was on official duty in Columbia he gave prostitute Dania Suarez just $28 of an $800 tab.

It later emerged that the married father-of-two began another affair in a Dublin nightclub with a Canadian in May 2011.

The woman involved, Cheryl Visser (42) told the Irish Independent that she was furious when she discovered he was married, but the Canadian admits she still had sympathy for him.

"He never blagged about work or flashed his badge; he never mentioned it. The only thing he did was show me his diplomatic passport," said the Canadian.

"He was amazing. He was very attractive. He was kind, sweet, complimentary. He said everything that a guy has to say to get a girl.

"(But) he lied to me and told me he was divorced."

The Canadian woman recalled how he wooed her in Copper Face Jacks night club in Dublin.

"He looked at me and said: 'You are not getting away from me this time'," she said, explaining they had first met the previous evening.

"I said: 'Why are you here?', and he said: 'You know Obama is here and I am actually with the Secret Service'. But he wasn't blagging and he wasn't flashing his badge."

Then the pair had a rendezvous in New York the following August before Visser learned the agent had lied about his marital status.

"I totally lost the lid, I just lost it. I was like: 'I don't want to be anyone's mistress'. I called his number and it went into a recording. He always picked up his phone but not this time.

"Then it all came out and I learned about the Colombian prostitute. He is in hiding right now and no one knows where he is. Obviously he has had so many affairs that he knows women are going to go ape-sh**," she said.

"Of course I am very upset about it because I was lied to. There are absolutely more out there, I know there are."

The former agent has since put his home on the market, where he had lived with his wife and two sons in a leafy suburb of Washington.

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