A woman has claimed that $20,000 in cash seized from her at Dublin Airport was intended to purchase ‘human hair’ in Amsterdam.

Dublin’s Circuit Criminal Court heard that the cash has been forfeited to the state.

The woman, Dumbei Brenda Okonjo, and a male associate Anthony Osomade, appeared before the court to oppose the application for the forfeiture of the cash.

The court heard that the money was found in Okonjo’s baggage ahead of her flight to Amsterdam in 2010.

She claimed she was on her way to buy ‘human hair’ when questioned by customs officers.

But the Irish independent reports that judge Martin Nolan said he had grave doubts about the credibility of the respondents.

He pointed to the contradictory nature of their explanations and Osomade’s tardiness in offering an explanation six months after the seizure.

Judge Nolan said he was satisfied that the money was for an illicit purpose and ordered its forfeiture.

Woman claims her bag of cash was to be used to purchase human hair in AmsterdamAlamy