The 9/11 anniversary may also be the swan song for U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney, who hinted again recently that he will shortly be saying goodbye to Dublin.

Rooney underwent extensive back surgery in his native Pittsburgh recently, and after the hugely successful Obama visit has very little left to prove in Ireland.

He is still deeply involved with his beloved Steelers football team, and juts attended the wedding of troubled quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in Ohio.

Rooney has already said he wants to campaign for Obama in 2012, and it looks like he will be doing just that.
It looks like Obama will really need that help. Rooney comes from a conservative Irish Catholic background and was a key figure for Obama in the 2008 race with those of similar background in Pennsylvania.

That will be a key state next time, but it swung heavily GOP in the midterm elections.

Now it remains to be seen if Obama can win it back. Pennsylvania is a critical state to win in every election.