Sinn Fein should consider  entering the British parliament in order to help create a progressive government in Britain given today's turn of events.

With Liberal Democrats leader David Clegg now turning away from the Torys and looking to join a Labor-led government the numbers come up very tight for any new political combination. Gordon Brown will step down and there will be a new Labor leader

Currently, the Sinn Fein party is abstaining because of the oath of loyalty to the Queen, but there comes a time when you are either in or out of the political game, especially as they could use their negotiating power to neutralize that oath for them in future elections.

If the Lib Dems and Labor join together with the Scottish nationalist, Welsh Nationalists, SDLP in Northern Ireland and  a few others they eke out a bare majority.

In that case the Conservatives will be close behind with the Democratic Unionist Party no doubt on board with them.

Sinn Fein has five votes that could prove critical in stabilizing that progressive government.

Gordon Brown will no longer be Prime Minister but the Labor party has been outstanding under both him and his predecessor Tony Blair in creating the peace settlement in Northern Ireland.

The Sinn Fein leadership could take the oath and enter parliament with an understanding that the issue of the oath will  dealt with in the near term by the next election by the new Labor /Liberal government.

When if ever could Sinn Fein votes be as important in shaping the future of Northern Ireland and making the Irish peace process a full reality?

The time is now to take that step.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams