Family members of Whitey Bulger's alleged victims are upset about a Halloween costume that is based on the gangster's prison garb --- an orange jumpsuit with the name "Whitey" written on the back.

“It would be insane. It’s sick to think anybody would want to wear it,” said Steven Davis, whose sister Debra was allegedly killed by Bulger in 1981. “Everything’s him, and everybody wants to make money.”



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iParty, the party supply retailer selling the costume disagrees.

“We have a Whitey costume,” iParty CEO Sal Perisano told the Herald. “It’s popular. Every year we celebrate Halloween, and every year there are a variety of villains. This year the villain is Whitey.”

“Villains are a part of Halloween,” Perisano added. “You celebrate scary things at Halloween. Villains are villains because they kill people and they’re mean. It’s Halloween. Halloween’s about fantasy. Lighten up and have fun.”

Said Davis: "Does he call that fun? To glamorize a guy like that? It’s like a Bin Laden costume.”

Mary Callahan, widow of Brian Callahan, who was allegedly killed by Bulger associates at Miami-Dade International Airport in 1982, said she wasn’t bothered by the costume, which is selling for $40.

“Halloween is one night,” she said. “It’s a passe subject. It’s done.”