White Widow suspect Samantha Lewthwaite is taunting authorities by posting clues about her whereabouts on Twitter. The 29 year old Irish-born Muslim convert is suspected of having helped plan the attack in which 67 people died.

Her recent tweet says suggests that she is in Somalia. The Daily Record quoted her tweet, “Many rivers to cross, but I can’t seem to find my way over wandering, I am lost as I travel along the mountains of Galgala . . .” Galgala is near the small town of Bari in a remote part of Somalia.

The tweet, which is from the lyrics to reggae artist Jimmy Cliff’s song “Many Rivers To Cross,” is thought to have been tweeted by Al-Shabab terrorists on Lewthwaite’s behalf. She opened the Twitter account last year.

The tweeted lyrics are the first clue to her whereabouts since the Kenyan mall massacre. It is believed that in recent months militants from the Al-Shabab terror network have been helping hide the widow of the July 7, 2005 London bomber, Jermaine Lindsay.

Her recent Twitter clues are not the first time she has posted about her activities on the internet. Last year the blog she updated about her life on-the-run was found. On it she wrote “fear can make you do many things.” She also wrote, “But I am a woman who believes in Jihad and the supremacy of Islam.”

The mother of four is believed to recently have been married for the fourth time to an Al-Shabaab chief.

Lewthwaite was born in County Down and grew up in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in England. She has been on the run since last year when Kenyan police foiled a plot to blow up hotels in Mombasa, Kenya. She is now the world’s most wanted woman.