A white supremacist group with the motto “’Diversity’ = White Genocide” has planned a series of marches and demonstrations to coincide with St. Patrick’s weekend.

As the Village Voice first reported, the so-called ‘White Man Marches’ are slated to take place today, Saturday, March 15, in cities around the world.

According to the official website, which is run by a Massachusetts man named Kyle Hunt (who goes by Kaiser Kyle online), the locations of the marches will not be made public beforehand because, not too surprisingly, in the past they have been disrupted by police, “anti-racists and anti-fascists.”

Apparently, when this happens, the police are sometimes put in the position of having to monitor the protesters until they disband, which seems to be awkward for all involved. As Hunt said in a recent interview on the white supremacist podcast White Rabbit Radio, “we don’t want to give the message that we need to be protected by the police because people hate us and are shouting us down.”

The marches are intended to be displays of “coordinated pro-white activity” protesting what the organizers believe to be the dangers of diversity in “white countries” such as the U.S. They will take the form of quiet flash mobs with participants bearing 14 ½ foot banners that say “’Diversity’ = White Genocide” in huge red letters.

Earlier this year the group completed an IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign to raise money to print the signs, collecting a total of $3,582 with which they claim to have produced 70 such banners. The banners were then sent to supporters around the country.

One of the promotional materials for the marches, above, depicts a cartoon man playing the bagpipes.  Captioned as “The Cide Piper,” he encourages “Piping up about white genocide!”

Speaking in the White Rabbit Radio podcast, Hunt explained the thought process behind the timing of the marches:

“It’s right by St. Patrick’s Day and a lot of people will be celebrating St. Patricks’ Day on March 15 because it’s a Saturday, so there will be a lot of opportunities for engaging with the public – in particular a public that is already celebrating one of our great white cultures.”

The public will surely be thrilled!

The move is especially interesting given the discrimination Irish Catholics have received in the past from white supremacist groups.

It’s possible that the marches represent an attempt to claim a new day. According to the website of the Free America Rally, March 21 has traditionally been White Pride Day, but it was soon usurped by those meanies over at the United Nations and re-branded as Worldwide Diversity Day.