St. Patrick's Day at the White House will look a lot different this year, IrishCentral has learned.

It now seems certain that it will be celebrated on Tuesday the 20th because St.Patrick’s Day is on Saturday .

The annual bash there is the highlight of the Irish American year, with presidents such as Bill Clinton on down inviting Irish American leaders to a night of festivities attended by the president who hosts the Irish Prime Minister on the day.

However, St. Patrick’s  Day 2012 is on a Saturday, which means that Congress will not be in session and House Speaker John Boehner very much wants to keep with tradition and have the annual speaker’s lunch in honor of the Irish Prime Minister .That now seems likely to take place on Tuesday, the same day as the White House event.

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Irish leader Enda Kenny also will attend the American Ireland Fund dinner which now looks likely for Monday the 19th.There is also a strong possibility that President Obama will also attend that event.

Prime Minister Kenny is expected to be in Chicago over the St.Patrick’s weekend and also to travel to the University of Notre Dame, who will be playing in Dublin in September at the Aviva stadium against Navy.

Footage of President Obama and Taoiseach Enda Kenny's speeches at the White House in 2011: