A 72-year-old Irish man has been acquitted of running a private bar in the shed at the bottom of his garden.

Patsy Brogan, from Donegal, is famous in Ireland for running "The Bog Hotel" near Frosses.

But Brogan says the bar is for his own use and only looked like a paying bar.

Judge Kevin Kilraine agreed with him.

"What law is there that he can't drink with his family in the shed?" said the judge before acquitting him of two charges brought against him by the County Council under planning regulations.

Brogan said he was very happy to welcome callers but he didn't charge them for sitting with him and having a drink.

Judge Kilraine backed him saying there was no evidence anybody was being charged money.

Kilraine said that Brogan might be on of those people who "just might like the idea of looking at it as a bar and lounge, many people have bars with bar stools in the basements of their homes.'

Donegal County Council Executive Cillian Smith said he inspected the shed in October 2007 and found a 180 square feet bar complete with optics, a full bar and seating with tables, mirrors, and typical pub paraphernalia on the walls.

But Kilraine said that Smith saw a shed fitted out as a bar.

Brogan is a colorful character.

His wedding to Polish 29-year-old Daria Weiske was postponed before Christmas after Daria came down with the flu.

Brogan who has been married three times before was supposed to marry Daria in Krakow, Poland, on St Stephen's Day.

Patsy said: "It's heartbreaking but we can wait a little while longer. She could have her pick of any one of 1000 men but she chose me."

A private gathering place: Patsy Brogan and his bride-to-be Dara Weiske in their bar that's not a bar in County Donegal