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What’s in your wallet? Well in the case of David Drumm the disgraced former head of Anglo Irish Bank it appears very little.

Capital One Bank have filed papers with a Boston court this week stating that David Drumm failed to pay a $14,688 bill on a credit card he received nine weeks before filing for bankruptcy in the U.S.

The latest records demonstrate more reckless loans from the disgraced banker at a time when he was unable furnish his debt.

The Irish banker listed numerous credit card debts when he filed for bankruptcy in October.

His latest installment of credit card debt shows that he received his Capital One credit card on August 9 of this year, which was only nine weeks before he lodged his bankruptcy petition on October 14th in Massachusetts.

Discovery Bank has already stated in court filings that Mr Drumm also defaulted on credit card debts totalling $2,821 just ten weeks after opening an account with them.

The former bank boss also owes money on credit cards in his name issued by AIB, Chase, and Citicards ExxonMobil.

David Drumm fled to the U.S. after resigning from his post as Chief Executive with Anglo Irish Bank in 2008.

His former employers are now seeking almost $12 million in loans owed to them which date back to his tenure with the bank.