Irish women recently named Colin Farrell as their top choice for father of their children, and now, thanks to an L.A. sperm bank, they just might get that!

California Cryobank is offering up “celebrity sperm” – sort of.

The sperm bank, based in L.A., the heart of celebrity-obsessed America, is merging assisted reproduction with pop culture, giving clients the opportunity to select sperm from donors who look like famous actors, athletes and musicians.

The profiles of “Look-a-Like” donors are linked to photos of celebrities who they are said to resemble.

Sadly for Irish women, Colin Farrell look-a-likes have yet to offer their sperm, but there are donors who resemble handsome Irish actor Cillian Murphy.

And women have an array of Irish-American actor look-a-likes to choose from: donors who look a lot like Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg, Matthew McConaughey and even Conan O’Brien.

But before you go expecting to give birth to the next Violet Affleck, know that a) Cryobank does not provide photos of donors, so “CCB Look-a-Likes are judged to be the best of our subjective abilities,” and b) you should not “assume that your future children will look like any celebrity listed.”

Still, the Cryobank method of having “celebrity” children is probably a lot better than stalking Colin Farrell himself for his sperm…