The full details on Virgin Mary’s message received at Knock will be revealed later today on Dublin-based visionary, Joe Coleman’s, website

Yesterday’s pilgrimage did not quite go as planned.

To begin with Coleman mentioned that he had predicted the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull a full three weeks ago.

No one seemed to have the heart to point out to Coleman that the volcano had been erupting for almost eight weeks now.

When Coleman and his pilgrims arrived at the Knock Shrine in Mayo Coleman was denied access to the Bascilica and was forced to stand outside and pray without the aid of a public address system.

Coleman had said that the Virgin Mary would appear yesterday at 3pm just after crosses appeared in the sky over Mayo.

A few minutes after 2pm Coleman announced that he had indeed had a vision. The enthusiastic crowd broke into song singing hyms such as “Queen of the May”.

At 2.20 Coleman said that a message from Virgin Mary would be arriving at 2.30 exactly. Sure enough at 2.30 he stood up gazed at the heavens and fell backwards.

Once he had composed himself he said that the Virgin Mary had appeared to him and that she was very beautiful.

“She was crying because Knock is not listening, but she's also happy…She gave me a fantastic message, but I'm not going to reveal it today. Our Lady has called for a national rosary in Ireland, but I will reveal her message on my website tomorrow.”

Some of the pilgrims at Knock yesterday claimed that they had seen white crosses in the sky and a shimmering which they thought was the Virgin Mary. All media who were present said they saw nothing.

Coleman had received another message on May 10 which he posted on his website also.

The beginning of the message reads: “I know you, my child, are very much under pressure and stress at this time. My messages are of great importance. And they must be revealed to the world before it’s too late. Conversion must happen.

"Tell them Satan, The Deceiver, walks among my people. He is present in the Holy See, Rome. He is present among my priests, bishops and cardinals. He’s in the churches. He’s everywhere. He is in the Government of all nations. He will be stopped through praying the Holy Rosary and receiving Jesus the Christ at Holy Mass, through conversion and reconciliation.  My people must heed and act on my messages before it is too late.    For the time, my child, is drawing nearer every day."

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Joe Coleman praying at Knock