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Irish spiritual healer Joe Coleman says the Virgin Mary has been back in touch with him and revealed that she would return to Knock on May 11.

Coleman attracted thousands of people to the County Mayo town last October when he predicted that the Virgin Mary was on her way.  However, she was a no-show.

Further alleged visits took place in December and January, but members of the public did not witness Mary on either occasion.

Coleman, who hails from Ballyfermot in Dublin when not being hailed by the Virgin Mary, has foreseen several visits from Our Lady of Prompt Succor, but no one else has witnessed her comings and goings.

The Dubliner says that the next visit is the big one.

“The apparition, which Our Lady has told me will take place on Tuesday, 11th May 2010, at Knock (the ninth apparition he had predicted since September 2009), is the most significant of all," says the visionary.

“The messages I have received from Our Lady over the last eight weeks are of great urgency for the world. She has made it clear to me that the world will witness the second coming of Jesus on the Earth shortly. It is vital, now, she says that people begin to pray very hard now.

“She is seeking conversion and wants people to pray not only to avert world disasters (which are imminent) but to save souls and seek redemption." 

Mary, Joe claims, will come and give the world a heads up about the second coming of the savior, Jesus Christ.

“I now believe that the second coming of Jesus on the Earth is going to happen very soon - within the next year or two, although Our Lady will not reveal the date in advance. 

"Over the last six weeks, I have received the strongest messages from Our Lady so far, and to be honest, I have found some of them disturbing because I believe we are about to witness some terrible turmoils ahead on earth. However, I believe that through prayer, that there is hope for all of us.”