Victoria Kennedy has talked with Oprah Winfrey for the first time about her last months with Senator Edward Kennedy in an interview scheduled to air today.

Ted Kennedy Junior also took part in the interview, which is the first time the family has talked openly about Ted Kennedy since his death.

Vicki (55) reveals for the first time the late senator's determination to be at the Obama inauguration and to stand on the Senate floor again despite his deadly diagnosis "Oh - there just wasn’t a question about it. He was in training to be there in January.... serious training...He was exercising every single day to be strong enough to be there.”

Kennedy also talks about her 17-year marriage to the liberal lion and according to Oprah's staff reveals never-before-known facts about their marriage and discloses behind-the-scenes tidbits.

In the interview, Vicki Kennedy is accompanied by her two grown children, Caroline and Curran Raclin, as well as her late husband’s eldest son, Ted Kennedy Jr.

Teddy Junior admits that he did not know that his father's task of telling the 12-year-old Teddy he had bone cancer in his leg was the hardest moment of his life.

“I didn’t really know that, honestly, that’s one of the things I learned,” Ted Kennedy Jr. said. “My father never told me that before.”

Vicki Kennedy also discusses her own political future.

“They talk a little bit about the Kennedy political legacy and whether Vicki holds any political ambitions of her own,” a spokesman for Harpo Productions told The Boston Herald who wouldn’t reveal any more. “You’ll have to watch.”

Ted Kennedy Jr. also speaks about the letter his father sent to Pope Benedict XVI on his deathbed asking for forgiveness the spokesman said.