Seattle-based indie rock band, The Green Pajamas, have released a song based on the tragic death of Irish American schoolgirl Phoebe Prince.
The song is called "The Red, Red Rose (Song for Phoebe Prince)" and is written and performed by Jeff Kelly and Laura Weller.
The song was written by Jeff Kelly, who was keen to vent his anger and sadness at the circumstances surrounding the death of the 15-year-old Prince.
 Prince had moved from County Clare in Ireland to the U.S. last fall. She was heavily bullied at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts and subsequently hung herself on January 15th.
A total of six teenagers and three juvenile students have been arraigned in relation to the bullying and death of Prince.
Prince was taunted by her bullies at school and on the social networking site, Facebook.
Teachers and management at South Hadley High School have been severely criticized for not taking preemptive action against Prince’s bullies.
The song by The Green Pajamas will be released worldwide as a digital single this month. You can currently stream the song on the band's MySpace page or on YouTube.