Read more - 80-year-old Irish woman detained by U.S. immigration

All charges have now been dropped against Bridie Murphy, the 79-year-old Irishwoman living in Boston for sixty years, who was held for three hours by immigration on her return from Ireland.

She had her green card confiscated and was told she may be deported. She has two sons serving in the US. Army and there was outrage in the community at her treatment. Her story was first revealed in the Irish Emigrant newspaper.

She had returned to Ireland for 11 months to spend time with one of her children over there. She was told before she left that she did not need a re-entry permit. However, when she returned she was stopped and interrogated at Logan Airport.

Murphy is said to be “relieved and happy”  that charges have been dropped and she is now going to pursue her U.S. citizenship.
Her husband who died four years ago was a U.S. Citizen as are her four children.One son, Patrick Murphy, is a currently serving in Kuwait. Another, Peter Murphy, is in the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years.

Following the media blanket coverage an immigration spokesman  Harold Ort  told  the Boston Globe that Mrs. Murphy’s case would not be pursued.

Immigration and Customs Enforcements lawyers had already filed a motion to dismiss the case before Immigration Judge Leonard Shapiro when Bridie’s attorney Chris Lavery arrived at the federal immigration court in Boston on Monday.

Lavery, now says Murphy will apply for her citizenship which she has been entitled to since her 1957 marriage but she felt intimidated by the process and never pursued it.

Read more - 80-year-old Irish woman detained by U.S. immigration