Following a weekend of protests over the Belfast City Council’s (BCC) killing of Lennox the dog, a celebrity dog trainer has claimed she was threatened over her support of the campaign.

Animal Planet dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, star of the TV show “It's Me or The Dog” says she was harassed by BCC over her support of the ‘Save Lennox’ campaign.

Stilwell questioned the credentials of the Council’s expert who assessed the breed of the dog and as a result they allegedly threatened the dog expert with legal action.

"Yes, the BCC's 'expert' did try to sue me for speaking out against him and questioning his credentials, and yes he did expect money from me to settle the dispute," Stillwell wrote on her Facebook page.

“He was not successful because all I did was speak the truth. But these are the kind of people that the family, myself and all those who have supported Lennox, have been up against,” Stilwell added.

For over two years, the owners of Lennox the dog, the Barnes family from Belfast, fought a legal action which ordered for the 6-year-old to be terminated due to his likeness to a pit bull. A final appeal was rejected in mid June which ordered Lennox to be destroyed under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA). The pet dog was finally put down on July 11.

According to, peaceful protests this weekend were held in Manchester, London, Glasgow, Brighton, and Hampshire, over the killing of the pet dog.

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