A new study has revealed that the UK’s Union flag flying above Dublin could aid Ireland’s tourism industry. The theory is that seeing their own flag would make British visitors feel more comfortable in Ireland.

A radical new report carried out by experts Felim O'Rourke and Jerome Casey examined the Republic of Ireland’s share in the world tourism market.. The study was  commissioned by the Dublin City Business Association Their study showed, according to reports in the Belfast Telegraph, that Ireland’s share in the market has plummeted in the last ten years.

They believe that the decline in numbers is largely due to the 53 percent fall off in the number of visitors travelling from Britain to Ireland.

The report reads “Given the fact that no UK flag is flown over hotels, restaurants or other tourist attractions in Dublin (although up to eight other national flags can be seen), may arouse in British visitors an emotion stronger than surprise.”
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“Following the success of the Queen’s visit, British visitors to Dublin could reasonably expect an occasional public display of their monarch’s colours.” the experts wrote

They also warned that Dublin’s main attractions are all dated and suggested some new attractions including:

A ‘Museum of the Four Laureates’ to emphasize the fact that Dublin is the only city in the world with connections to four Nobel laureates in literature (WB Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney).

    * A daily public food market in the current fruit, vegetable and flower market off Capel Street.
    * A “culture swap” with Beijing, which Dublin was recently twinned with. This could include a branch   of a major Beijing museum opening in Dublin.
    * A Museum of Irish History at the General Post Office, site of the 1916 Easter Rising.