In new statistics from the UK, it is depicted that 15% of Irish women who traveled from Ireland to England or Wales last year for an abortion were married.

76% were single, while the the last 9% were listed as "other" or "unknown," the Irish Times reports.
The British statistics cite that there were a total of 3,982 Irish residents who sought an abortion in the UK. The numbers also show that Irish women are more likely to have an abortion farther into their pregnancies as compared to their English or Welsh counterparts.
"68 percent of Irish women had an abortion in the first nine weeks of pregnancy compared with 77 percent of English and Welsh residents," says the TImes.
17% of Irish women had abortions between 10 and 12 weeks, and 12% had their terminations between 13 and 19 weeks, compared to 14% and 8% respectively for their peers in England and Wales.
The majority, 86.4%, of the abortions performed for Irish women were surgical (in-clinic out-patient procedure), while the rest were medical (out-patient procedure done by taking a pill). The UK numbers were split evenly for their residents.
Irish residents who traveled to the UK for their termination were "less likely to have had a precious abortion than their counterparts in England and Wales: 36 per cent of English and Welsh residents who had an abortion last year had had at least one previous termination, compared with 19 per cent of Irish residents."

The majority of the terminations performed on Irish women were on white Irish women, with only 76 of the women listing themselves as "black" and 57 listing themselves as "Asian."

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