Two in every three Irish people are enjoying sex every week – but half of them can’t get no satisfaction.

A new survey by condom manufacturer Durex reports that Ireland lies 25th of 37 countries surveyed in terms of sexual activity.

The Irish Sun reports that two thirds of randy Irish men and women get some slap and tickle every week but only half enjoy a climax.

The report says that Colombians have the most sex, with 89 per cent of those surveyed reporting regular weekly action.

Indonesians and Russians are second and third in the table with the Japanese ranking bottom, where just one in four people have sex every week.

The report states that when it comes to getting in the mood, the average Irish couple spends 16.7 minutes on foreplay.

Brazilians, Mexicans, and Greeks put the most effort into preparation, but people from Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand, get straight to the action.

Irish lovers spend an average of 17.3 minutes in action but that is well behind the Brazilians, Chinese, and Mexicans.

Ireland did score fourth in the world in terms of condom use.