Shocking video of a tourist being beaten, robbed and then stripped naked in Baltimore has gone viral on the Web, and now city police plan to use the clip to identify the assailants and make arrests.

The Saint Patrick's Day assault saw the victim, who was reportedly disorientated after a night of partying. Noticing his condition a group of people set upon him, robbing him of his possessions.

As the robbery occurred a bystander filmed the attack on a camera phone and later posted it online. When the man attempted to retrieve his items he is seen being hit with a knockout punch and later stripped naked as he lay on the pavement.

Disorientated, the victim returned to his hotel room, where he awoke the next morning with no memory of the assault and robbery. He reported his missing items to the police, but other than his obvious cuts and bruises, could provide them with no details of the events.

According to a report in the Huffington Post a family member was startled to discover a video of the brutal attack online and alerted the victim.

The clip was also posted on Twitter, where the man who violently punched the victim claimed he had acted in self defense.

Authorities have not yet made any arrests in the case but it's understood they have received information about the identity of one of the attackers.


Stills from the video of the St. Patrick's Day Baltimore beatingGoogle Images