Ten farmers lived to tell the tale after they were able to escape a tornado unscathed, in County Londonderry Wednesday.

They were inside a barn when the tornado struck it and ripped through the roof, they explained. A wall collapsed, destroying a car, but no one was hurt by the incident.

Farmer Fergie Kelly said the workers were tending to the cows inside the barn near Eglinton, when they were startled by a loud bang, BBC reported.

"We thought there was a bomb that went off. We ran out of the shed,” Kelly said.

"The cows all stampeded ... We saw a tornado going down through the field,” the farmer added.

Kelly described that the tin was hurled into the air, along with the roof trusses and blocks and a lot of other debris. The farmers recounted it as “quite a scary experience," but it has been just one event caused by unusual weather in Northern Ireland.



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"We have had torrential rain, thunderstorms, massive hail, and on Wednesday there was a report of a tornado near Eglinton around lunchtime," BBC weather presenter, Cecilia Daly said.

“A tornado is basically a funnel cloud which makes contact with the ground and as result will sweep up anything in its path depending on how much energy is available and therefore how powerful the 'twister' is,” Daly said.

Forecaster from Irish Weather Online Fergal Tierney said that the the European Storm Forecast Experiment had warned of the possibility of funnels for the British Isles in their storm forecast Wednesday morning.

According to Tierney, more tornadoes or funnels can be expected in the next few days due to the current thunderstorm weather conditions.

"The only good thing about today is everyone got out without being hurt," Farmer Fergie Kelly said. If there are more tornadoes, let’s hope everyone has the same luck as them.