1. Irish Heritage Certificates. President Barack Obama was just one of the notables who received the certificate of Irish ancestry which is quickly becoming the must have gift for Irish Americans.

2. Enda Kenny, Irish leader got the full VIP treatment in Washington, Chicago and new York. A full day of events with President Obama , House Speaker John Boehner, VP Joe Biden and others shows the clout Ireland still has.

3. President Obama. His impassioned speech about his Irish roots delighted his crowd of Irish American supporters at the White House and sent them forth to do battle on his behalf in November

4. Cardinal Timothy Dolan - Proving a real media superstar. His sermon at St.Patrick's Cathedral on St.Patrick's morning was among his best ever

5. St.Patrick's Parade New York.
Glorious sunshine and a weekend day that allowed millions to come and watch. What is not to like?


1. Urban Outfitters, showed how little they cared about slandering an entire community as drunks and vomiting shamrockers. The lack of a public response shows their arrogance and insensitivity

2. NIke. At least they apologized but I doubt we'll see them using the 'Black and Tan' label again anytime soon.

3. US Ireland Alliance Their CEO Trina Vargo stated that Irish were "horrified" at Irish Americans over St.Patrick's Day. Way to go to build links between both countries.

4. Senator Scott Brown Massachusetts senator had stated that E 3 visas for Irish were "about to pop". Only a damp squib over St.Patrick's period when the big move failed to happen

5. PC Paddy's - Bah Humbug! New York Times and Irish Times precious op-eds saying Irish need to move over and make room for all immigrants on St.Patrick's Day parades. Political correctness knows no bounds!