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Casey Anthony rubber mask sells for nearly $1 million on eBay

Described by the seller as “a significant piece of crime history” the mask was purchased with a winning bid of $999,900 last Wednesday, beating another 104 bids, the first started at $25.
An eBay customer has paid almost $1 million to for a Casey Anthony rubber mask...READ MORE

Rory McIlroy branded as a ‘childish, spoilt brat’ by U.S. TV commentator
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Irish film ’The Guard’ opens to rave reviews in the U.S.

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Parish priest apologizes for comparing Irish leader to Hitler
Father Thomas Daley  an Irish parish priest  was forced to apologize for comparing Prime Minister Enda Kenny to Adolf Hiter...READ MORE

Irish Central's top ten funniest Irish celebrities
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The mask was purchased with a winning bid of $999,900