Catch up with what the Irish have been reading out so far today.

Washington DC Rose of Tralee tells of Virginia Tech massacre horror

This Washington DC entrant for this year’s Rose of Tralee, has spoken about her heartbreak over the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre...READ MORE

Actor Colin Farrell slams spoiled Hollywood stars

Colin Farrell has slammed whiny movies stars who moan about the burden of  fame and the media focus on them...READ MORE

Irishman’s beautiful video of New Zealand’s first snowfall in decades goes viral - VIDEO

Irish filmmaker Ro Tierney captured a truly beautiful series of images as New Zealanders experienced their first snowfall since 1976. It is played alongside Debussy’s “Claire de Lune,”  and shows smiles, surprised faces, and even the sadness of a young boy who doesn’t appear to have taken a liking to the snow...READ MORE

Ten non-Irish-born who could run for President of Ireland - PHOTOS

Martin Sheen has close to 4,000 Facebook users urging him to run for President of Ireland, an election that takes place in October but nominations are still open. The major qualification is that you are an Irish citizen or are eligible to become one...READ MORE

Republican prisoner Brendan Lillis released from Belfast prison

Republic prisoner Brendan Lillis has finally been freed on compassionate grounds from a Belfast prison...READ MORE