Today's top Irish news stories:

JFK planned private family visit to Ireland at time of his death

President John F Kennedy was planning a return visit to Ireland with his family at the time of his assassination, according to his Wexford relatives...READ MORE


News from around the 32 counties of Ireland, Nov 17 2013

What's been in the Irish news, around the country, this week...READ MORE


Book reveals Adams, McGuinness were on British Army death squad hit list

In a compelling new book, ”MRF Shadow Troop” a former member of the Military Reaction Force reveals that the army black operations  and assassination squad was ordered to kill the IRA's top players...READ MORE


“Diary of an Exile” the remarkable work of an Irish construction worker in Britain

I’ve been rereading a book I last studied in Irish class back in Dublin, called "Dialann Deoraí,"  or "An Irish Navvy – the Diary of an Exile."..READ MORE


Irish whistleblower finally gets ‘closure’ with Lance Armstrong after Florida meeting

The Irish masseuse who outed Lance Armstrong as a drugs cheat has come face to face with the disgraced cyclist in a Florida hotel...READ MORE


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