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Irish nannies in New York disagree on case of Aisling McCarthy Brady

The dreaded cloak of uncertainty still looms over the tragic death of one-year-old Rehma Sabir that occurred in Boston two weeks ago. The case seemed black and white and all but done and dusted, on January 22nd, when Cavan-born nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady was arrested on charges of assault and battery...READ MORE


Irish American doctor saves baby born with brain outside his head

A plastics and craniofacial surgeon saved the life of an amazing child born with part of his brain growing down through the root of his mouth and out through his face...READ MORE


Irish hopes rising on Obama immigration bill for undocumented - VIDEO

After many years of frustration over the lack of political action on comprehensive immigration reform, Irish groups are cautiously optimistic that Congress is finally ready to move on a bill that could legalize the estimated tens of thousands of undocumented Irish in the United States, and provide greater options for access in the future...READ MORE


Irish woman found guilty of manslaughter of American boyfriend in Galway

A Connemara woman was found guilty by a jury of the manslaughter of her former lover in a Salthill apartment during race week two years ago...READ MORE


Gerry Adams finally apologises for IRA’s murder of Detective Jerry McCabe

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has apologised for the IRA murder of Irish police officer Jerry McCabe – 17 years later...READ MORE


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