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Irish road sign featured as the world’s funniest says Travel and Leisure – PHOTOS

A road sign from the Dingle Peninsula, in County Kerry, has won the Travel and Leisure contest for the funniest signs photo contest, and we’re not in the least bit surprised...READ MORE


How Catholic are you? The five questions you must answer to qualify

The Irish Times recently asked how people answered the most important beliefs on being a Catholic.

Here are the questions. Write your own answers...READ MORE


Boost for a united Ireland support in new poll figures from Irish Times

A higher percentage of Irish want to see a united Ireland and fewer oppose the idea a new Irish Times poll has revealed...READ MORE


Family of bullied 12-year-old Irish girl who committed suicide left devastated

The family of 12-year-old Lara Burns, who committed suicide over the weekend, have been left devastated by the tragedy...READ MORE


Community spirit of Irish Day of Action in Rockaways captured in pictures

On Saturday the Irish community in New York marked Thanksgiving in a very special way, through the Irish Day of Action at the Rockaways and Breezy Point. A crowd of 1,000 Irish and Irish American volunteers descended on the largely Irish neighborhoods which have been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy...READ MORE