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Hillary Clinton for President in 2016? As she steps down as Secretary of State all she wants to do is sleep

Will Hillary run in 2016? It's the question that her most ardent supporters have been asking themselves since 2008...READ MORE


Ireland’s Papal Nuncio insists there will never be women priests in the Catholic Church

The Pope’s envoy to Ireland, Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown, has said the Catholic Church’s teachings on the subject are clear, there will never be any possibility of the ordination of women...READ MORE


Update from the Rockaways: Elderly in high rise buildings are most at risk in Sandy aftermath

This past weekend was quite a different scene out in Rockaway Beach with hundreds of volunteers, including up to 100 volunteers from the Aisling Center, helping out in whatever way they could...READ MORE


WWII hero priest who saved thousands from the Nazis honored by the Irish State

Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty, an Irish priest who saved more than 6,500 people during World War II is being honored by the Irish States...READ MORE


Conservatives weigh in on immigration reform -- Sean Hannity, John Boehner & Charles Krauthammer express their views

According to Frank Sharry, the Founder and Executive Director of America’s Voice,  the “tectonic plates are shifting on immigration.”..READ MORE


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