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Canadian women’s group protests phallic shape of Irish immigrant monument in Vancouver

The Remember Our Sisters (ROS), a women’s activist group, are objecting to the proposed monument set for a Vancouver park recognizing the contributions of Irish immigrants in building Canada...READ MORE


Gap between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland down to just three per cent

The Catholic population in Northern Ireland is now just three percentage points behind the number of Protestants in the province.

New census figures show that the gap between the proportion of Protestants and Catholics has narrowed...READ MORE


Deaf man in court for pushing Dublin man under bus - Apologizes for accident

The son of an Irish diplomat was identified as the victim of the horrendous incident which was him decapitated by a Dublin bus last week. A deaf and mute man has been charged with manslaughter and appeared in court...READ MORE


Church responds to shortage of priests by ordination of married deacons in historic move

For the first time since in 1,500 years laymen in County Sligo have been ordained as deacons, with permission to preside of funerals, celebrate baptisms and officiate over weddings in the Catholic Church...READ MORE


 Assassination attempt on Gerry Adams unearthed in report into murder of Pat Finucane

A loyalist plot to kill Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams will emerge as part of the report on the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane. The plan was to kill him by attaching a limpet mine to his car...READ MORE