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Enda Kenny announces deal on Anglo-Irish debt with European Central Bank

Irish leader Enda Kenny has announced a deal with the European Central Bank which will convert the former Anglo Irish bank debt of €28 billion into long term bonds. The interest rate will drop from 8 per cent to 3 per cent with much longer to pay...READ MORE


Sinead O’Connor reveals her torment after she was sent to a Magdalene Laundry

Singer Sinead O’Connor has revealed she was a victim of the Magdalene Laundries scandal – and it affected her for life...READ MORE


JFK’s daughter Caroline Kennedy could be named a U.S. ambassador by Obama

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of former president John F Kennedy, is one of the names mentioned as a replacement for David Jacobson, as the United States Ambassador to Canada...READ MORE


Polish Dad-of-two in serious condition after acid attack outside Dublin home

A Polish father of two had acid thrown in his face as he stood outside his Dublin home early Monday morning, in what appears to have been a random attack...READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: Emigration is Irish government's savior once again --- Same old story in a different era as thousands leave

Are emigrants abandoning Ireland, or is Ireland abandoning them? This was the headline in a recent face-off debate in The Irish Times...READ MORE


The sign and the bank known as Anglo Irish may be gone but it continues to prove problematic for the government. Image: Niall Carson/PA