Today's top Irish news stories:

New Guinness ad goes viral with 3.5 million views (VIDEO)

The new Guinness ad “Made of More,” called “breathtaking” by Huffington Post. already has 3.5 million views on YouTube despite the fact that it is not released officially until today…READ MORE


Robert F Kennedy Jr kept secret diary of sexual conquests as he fought ‘lust demons’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr kept a secret diary which reveals his battles with his self confessed biggest defect – his ‘lust demons’…READ MORE


Irish across US warned of County Mayo football team scam

An Irish hustler is targeting Mayo men and women living in the US with an alleged scam preying on their county loyalty, warns the Mayo Association of Chicago and Irish officials…READ MORE


Haitian American Senator to host South Boston St Patrick’s breakfast

Senator Linda Dorcena Forry will become the first non Irish-American to host the famed South Boston St Patrick’s Day breakfast next year after City Councilor Bill Linehan agreed to relinquish hosting duties…READ MORE


Government to investigate Unionist claims Dublin didn’t do enough to thwart IRA

Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister Eamon Gilmore has held out an olive branch to Ulster Unionists and all but admitted that previous Irish governments should have done more to tackle the IRA...READ MORE