Today's top Irish news stories:

An incredible photo guide to Ireland’s ancient bog bodies

Ireland’s peat bogs have yielded amazing artifacts over the years – ancient weapons, tools, animals and the occasional leather-covered boat. But the most fascinating discoveries have been human bodies. These have ranged from skeletal remains to intact, clothed bodies…READ MORE


Ireland from outer space is truly an amazing jewel

Canadian Commander Chris Hadfield  retired in 2013 after 35 years as a pilot and astronaut. He served as a Commander of the International Space Station. He has written his memories of Ireland from space for the Irish Hospice Foundation for their book called  “The Gathering - Reflections on Ireland.”…READ MORE


Loyal dog waited by side of missing woman for four days after she vanished

A loyal dog died of a broken heart after his Alzheimer’s suffering owner died on the side of a Dublin road, miles from her home. A post mortem has concluded that 65-year-old Peggy Mangan died of natural causes on the day she went missing from her southside home….READ MORE


Suspect in horrific sexual assault on young girls was known to police

Two girls aged just nine and six suffered a ‘horrific, catastrophic ordeal’ when they were sexually assaulted in Athlone on Saturday afternoon. A man remains in custody and is being questioned about the assault…READ MORE


Government set to unveil new Irish passport in effort to cut costs

The Irish government have revealed a new Irish passport that has been redesigned with extra security features. Even with these new features the cost of production is about half of the current price…READ MORE