Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish steakhouse owner faces jail after failing to pay staff over $100,000

An Irish restaurant owner faces up to four years in jail after failing to pay staff at his Times Square steakhouse more than $100,000 in wages and other earnings….READ MORE


Retired Irish priest removed from ministry due to sex abuse claims

A retired Irish priest has been removed from ministry as the Diocese of Duluth in Minnesota investigates claims of child sexual abuse more than a generation ago..READ MORE


GOP Congressman Peter King hints he may become a Democrat (VIDEO)

Congressman Peter King, 69, may have had enough of the ideological purity tests that pass for politics in today’s partisan politicking in Washington…READ MORE


Bob Geldof says climate change could wipe out humans in 20 years

Bob Geldof has been ringing alarm bells and tackling humanitarian crises for two and a half decades, but his latest challenge is the biggest he’s ever undertaken: saving the planet…READ MORE


Gerry Adams' niece accuses him of covering up sex abuse scandal

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams tried to prevent the public finding out that his brother sexually abused his niece, it has emerged…READ MORE