Today's top Irish news stories:

Emotional letter to Kalie Gill written by her injured sister Lindsey

Close to 1,000 people heard an emotional letter from Lindsey Gill to Kalie, read by their sister at  the funeral mass in St. Barnabas Church, in Yonkers. Lindsey (12) was badly injured in the same accident that saw Kalie (15) lose her life after a runaway car, driven by a local schoolteacher, struck the two girls, during a carnival at local church of St. Paul the Apostle…READ MORE


Michael Collins probably died a virgin says history professor

A professor at University College Cork has said former rebel leader Michael Collins was vain and probably died a virgin….READ MORE


Natasha McShane’s family refuse to hate her Chicago attacker

The heartbroken family of Chicago baseball bat assault victim Natasha McShane have said they can never ‘hate’ her attackers. Natasha’s mum Sheila is currently in America to witness the trial of Heriberto Viramontes who is accused to beating the young Irish student with a baseball bat…READ MORE


Irish people 'buying' Indian children in rescue effort

Irish people have been "buying" young Indian children in an effort to save them from brothels. The Irish Independent reports that young girls and babies, some as young as nine months old, are kept in cages and auctioned off for sex to the highest bidder in Mumbai's infamous red-light district Kamathipura…READ MORE


English want to celebrate St George's Day like St Patrick's Day

The English want to celebrate St George's Day, England's patron saint, in a similar manner to the way the Irish mark St Patrick's Day….READ MORE