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JFK’s Irish driver in Dallas was secret member of anti-Catholic Orange Order

JFK’s Irish driver on the day of the assassination was a  secret member of the anti-Catholic Orange Order it has been revealed...READ MORE


“Selfless heroine” drove Derry bus fitted with viable bomb away from police station

Authorities are calling a Derry bus driver a “selfless heroine” for evacuating her passengers and driving to secluded area after a terrorist placed a bomb on her vehicle. The quick-thinking driver ordered 10 riders off the bus and drove alone to a less populated area before leaving the bus and alerting police...READ MORE


Top insulting Irish signs and "jokes" need to stop (PHOTOS)

It’s a truth rarely acknowledged that Irish insulting stereotypes are bandied about at an alarming rate in the US and elsewhere. All you have to do is Google search the words Ireland and funny and the results are astounding...READ MORE


Irish woman among those held captive for 30 years in London house (VIDEO)

Two people in their 60s have been arrested in London after the grim discovery that three women – from Ireland, Malaysia, and Britain were held captive in their home for over 30 years. The two arrested were later freed on bail...READ MORE


Father Alec Reid, key figure in Irish peace process, dies

Father Alec Reid, a key figure in the Irish peace process, has died.
He was the first to bring together Gerry Adams and John Hume, two nationalist leaders bitterly opposed to each other, in what became known as the Hume/Adams dialogue...READ MORE


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