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JFK likely related to Michael Collins say West Cork genealogy experts (VIDEO)

A new investigation is underway in West Cork to prove President John F Kennedy was related to Irish leader Michael Collins.

Both men are iconic figures and were assassinated at the height of their powers and questions have long lingered as to who shot them...READ MORE


Worst Irish ghost estates to be bulldozed by the government

Under a plan devised by Jan O’Sullivan, Ireland’s Minister for Housing and Planning, over 40 of the worst “ghost estates”, housing developments abandoned before construction was completed, will be abandoned next year...READ MORE


 Woman tells how she was kidnapped and trafficked into in Ireland for sex trade

A woman has revealed how she was kidnapped, tortured, and trafficked into the sex trade in Ireland.

'Anna,' whose real name was withheld to protect her identity, was a 20-year-old Romanian who had moved to London in 2010 to study nursing. On March 11, 2011, she was walking home around lunchtime when a man grabbed her from behind and pushed her into the back seat of a car...READ MORE


Patrick Roberts: Senator Ted Cruz proves he was right about Obamacare after all

Ted Cruz was right about Obamacare it seems.

It pains me, as a moderate Democrat and Obama voter, to admit the president has got it awfully, tragically, incompetently wrong on Obamacare...READ MORE


Vice-President Biden says US now like Ireland after Easter 1916 Rising

Vice President Joe Biden has compared current-day America to the time in Ireland after the Easter Rising in April 1916.

Speaking at the Port of Houston, where he was praising investment in additional infrastructure such as ports and highways, Biden said: “There’s a line from a poem called “Easter Sunday 1916” where William Butler Yeats is describing his Ireland in that era.”..READ MORE