Today's top Irish news stories:

Plot by anti-Catholic zealot to kill JFK three years before his assassination revealed

A previous assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy was thwarted three years before the president was killed in Dallas. The intended assassin was an anti-Irish Catholic bigot called Richard Pavlick....READ MORE


Why I’ll wear a poppy only when the British wear an Easter lily

Niall O'Dowd: I see the poppy fascists are out in force in Britain today. It is their Remembrance Day, when all good British wear the poppy to remember their war dead. Woe betide any person who casts aspersions on all the glorious military conflicts the British have been involved in...READ MORE


Gerry Adams calls for international review of Northern Ireland’s troubled past

Gerry Adams has again refused to become involved in the public debate over the Disappeared, but has called for an international process to deal with Northern Ireland’s past...READ MORE



Irish diver is arrested on charges of stealing souvenirs from doomed Costa Concordia liner


An Irish diver has been arrested in Italy for attempting to steal souvenirs off the wreck of the doomed cruise liner Costa Concordia...READ MORE


Victim group praises Cranberries singer after she reveals her child abuse hell

A victim support group has praised Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan after she went public on the sexual abuse she suffered as a young girl...READ MORE


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