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Anti-Mitt Romney bias in Ireland slammed by leading Irish commentator

A leading Irish commentator Marc Coleman, economics editor for Newstalk and a columnist for  the Irish Independent, has claimed that there is a major anti-Romney bias in the Irish media...READ MORE


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Suspected pedophile Jimmy Savile boasted of IRA connections for protection

Jimmy Savile, former BBC personality who died last year, and now an accused pedophile, reportedly boasted IRA connections as a form of protection for himself...READ MORE


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The weird and wonderful place names around Ireland

To be sure, in terms of bizarre place names, Ireland can’t match its British neighbor across the water: It’s hard to compete with, say, Butt Hole Road, Crapstone, Ugley, East Breast, and Penistone...READ MORE


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Harry Styles cheated on Taylor Swift with model Emma Ostilly

One Direction star Harry Styles reportedly cheated on singer Taylor Swift during a fleeting romance earlier this year by kissing American model Emma Ostilly...READ MORE


Two-year-old and her 12 week old sister die in Galway road tragedy

A Galway town is in mourning after a two-year-old girl and her baby sister were mown down by a runaway car while out walking with their father...READ MORE