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Cardinal Sean O’Malley bans priest from speaking at a Boston Catholic Church

Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley is banning Austrian priest Rev. Helmut Schuller from speaking at a Catholic Church in Boston as the Reverend’s preachings “promote positions that are contrary to Catholic teachings.”..READ MORE

Cahir O'Doherty: What getting rid of DOMA means to me as a gay Irish immigrant

There’s no way to talk about the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) without getting personal. That's because DOMA is - or rather was - invasively personal. It barged into the private lives of gay people and legally tore them from the arms of their partners. Often quite literally…READ MORE


Real IRA warns sleeper cells have plans to attack major cities in England

Dissident IRA gangs have warned British authorities that they have sent sleeper cells, groups of secret agents who assimilate to British culture before assisting or committing acts of terrorism, to Britain. The Real IRA also warned that they are preparing to attack cities there…READ MORE


Aer Lingus likely to resume flights from San Francisco to Ireland say sources

Aer Lingus are said to be close to resuming flights from San Francisco to Ireland, which would be a huge boost for the Irish tourism market, IrishCentral has learned…READ MORE


Euromillions Irish lottery winner claims $122 million prize – identity remains a secret

The lucky Irish winner of the €94 million ($122 million) EuroMillions prize has come forward to claim their prize…READ MORE


Cardinal Sean O'Malley has banned an Austrian priest from speaking at a Boston church because of his progressive views on women being ordained in the Catholic ChurchGoogle Images