The top Irish news stories today:

Irish left wing politician slams government for ‘slobbering’ over Obamas during Irish visit – VIDEO
Left wing member of parliament Clare Daly slammed the Irish response to the Obama's visit as being marked by “unprecedented slobbering.”...READ MORE

Son stabs his father at home before cutting off both his own hands - VIDEO

Neighbors were shocked by the gruesome scene that unfolded outside the Dunn family’s Redding, California home, on Monday. Jason Dunn (27) is believed to have stabbed his father Gregory before cutting both his own hands off at the wrist…READ MORE


Donegal schoolboys present Obama family with specially designed bog oak pens

Schoolboy brothers Ronan and Conor McGarvey, who make pens from wood in their back garden, breached Ireland’s tightest security cordon and written the deal of their young business lives…READ MORE



U2’s Bono joins Tony Bennett’s campaign for tougher U.S. gun laws - VIDEOS

Irish band U2’s frontman Bono, who previously joined forces with Tony Bennett on his “Duets” album in 2006, is now adding his voice to Voices Against Violence, a campaign supporting common sense gun laws..READ MORE


Get to know the lingo - A simple guide to modern Irish slang

Going on vacation to Ireland this summer? Do you really want to stand out in the crowds this year? You do? Sure. Who doesn’t?..READ MORE



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