Today's top Irish newsstories:

‘Dead’ patient wakes up just as her organs are about to be harvested

An Irish American woman who was declared brain dead by doctors in a Syracuse, New York hospital was about to have her organs harvested when she suddenly woke up…READ MORE


Richard Haas appointed U.S. peace envoy to Northern Ireland to resolve crisis

A new peace envoy from the United States will head up talks in Northern Ireland aimed at resolving the toughest issues remaining in the peace process amid signs that the process is in increasing difficulty. He will report his findings by the end of the year…READ MORE


Pope Francis invites 200 homeless people to dine at Vatican - Vatican Gendarmes Band performed for guests

Pope Francis invited a group of 200 homeless people to dinner at the Vatican last week, where they enjoyed a lavish meal and entertainment…READ MORE


Even if acquitted George Zimmerman 'will never be safe' says Mark O’Mara - VIDEO

Attorney for the defendant George Zimmerman, Mark O’Mara says that even if his client is acquitted in the trial for the shooting of Trayvon Martin he “will never be safe”…READ MORE


Irish High Court refuses to arrest NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden if he lands in Ireland

The U.S. has reached out to contact Irish authorities and have requested a provisional arrest warrant be issued for Edward Snowden if he lands in Ireland, reports the Irish Times…READ MORE


An Irish American woman was about to have her organs harvested when she suddenly woke up.Google Images