Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish pope is called for in Los Angeles Times op-ed article

Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin should replace Pope Benedict as pope writes Catholic commentator and author Michael D’Antonio in the Los Angeles Times...READ MORE


How I fell in love with Ireland and finally moved there

Why did I first come to Ireland and why did I keep coming back? I don’t have an easy answer for the first part of that question, but the second part is easy enough...READ MORE


Irish American teacher died after abortion at 33 weeks - pro life groups demand action

The death of 29 year old Jennifer McKenna Morbelli just days after her late-term abortion in Maryland has resulted in both  pro-life and pro-choice activists speaking out...READ MORE


Robert F Kennedy and son Conor arrested outside White House after Sierra Club protest - VIDEO

Two members of the Kennedy clan were arrested outside the White House on Wednesday for their involvement in a high profile protest over global warming...READ MORE


Has Donald Trump finally lost it? - his $5 million Bill Maher lawsuit and Beyonce’s Super Bowl dancing a “national scandal”

Failing to find the humor in a joke can literally cost you - if not in dollars then in public respect. Just ask Donald Trump, 66. In a world class fit of pique the blustering billionaire recently filed suit against Irish American comedian Bill Maher...READ MORE


Diarmuid Martin sheds tears on "60 Minutes" speaking about abuse survivors. Could this Irish Archbishop be the man to replace Pope Benedict.