Irish baby names getting more difficult to pronounce by the day

How to confuse an American? Give him or her one of those popular new Irish names that run several vowels together; Caoimhe, Eoin, Aoife, and ask them to pronounce it...READ MORE


Ireland’s population aging dramatically as emigration takes effect

Ireland’s current “brain drain” has become evident in the recent figures from the Central Statistic Office (CSO). Figures show that the number of young adults in Ireland has fallen by ten percent...READ MORE


Kerry Kennedy publicly remembers Mary Richardson Kennedy, says no one is to blame for her suicide

In a letter to the New York Post, Kerry Kennedy, the best friend of the late Mary Richardson Kennedy and sister of Robert F Kennedy, Jr, details how Mary was a victim of a debilitating depression which eventually drove her to suicide...READ MORE


 ‘Slavery exists in Ireland today’ - construction and sex workers trafficked to Australia

A new book recently released in Cork unearthed new data which claims there are at least six people at anytime who are being trafficked for sex in Cork City, and that there are countless others who are being trafficked in Australia for work...READ MORE


Desperate effort to save Belfast pitbull Lennox from death

Belfast woman Caroline Barnes has taken her case to save Lennox the pit bull to the highest court in Northern Ireland...READ MORE

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