Today's top Irish news stories:

JFK’s final days, addiction to amphetamine, how Marilyn confessed to Jackie

For a time during her reported affair with John F. Kennedy screen goddess Marilyn Monroe, who suffered periodically from drug addiction and mental illness, fantasized about becoming the First Lady…READ MORE


New York Irish bars join LGBT community in boycotting Russian vodka

New York's Irish bars have a message for President Vladimir Putin: target Russia's gay community with draconian new laws and we'll target your vodka in payback…READ MORE


New York investor group earned $3 million for failing to act on Northern Ireland promise

A high profile 2008 initiative that would have poured $150 million into cash strapped areas of Northern Ireland never saw the light of day…READ MORE



Top Irish hospital will refuse to carry out abortions despite new law

One of Ireland’s top hospitals, the Mater, should not be expected to perform abortions in accordance with the recently passed Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, according to a priest who is a member of the hospital’s board of governors…READ MORE



Travellers brawl with clubs and hammers at cemetery Mass

Several people received minor injuries when a large public-order incident erupted before a Mass in a Mullingar cemetery…READ MORE