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US woman forced to drop rape charges to stay with children in Ireland

An American woman has claimed she had to drop rape and assault charges against her own husband in order to remain in Ireland with her two children. Speaking to, the woman known only as Deborah and her now ex-husband - who is a European citizen - moved to Ireland in 2001, and because of her immigration status she was obliged to go with him to the Irish police immigration office every six months to confirm he was still working in the country, allowing her to stay…READ MORE


Woman charged with killing Irish boyfriend appears before judge in metal cage

The woman charged with the fatal shooting of her Irish boyfriend in Florida last week, has been denied bail. Dubliner Darren Haverty, 39, was allegedly shot and killed in Florida last Tuesday, by his girlfriend Wendy Hanks, 33. The shooting allegedly occurred while they pair were arguing…READ MORE


Expert’s map shows 20 million redheads across Ireland and UK

Researchers of ancestry company Britain’s DNA have created the first map showing the distribution of redhead genes. Their results published on August 24, 2013 suggest that more than 20 million people in Ireland and the UK carry genes that cause red hair and there are more carriers of the red gene than previously understood….READ MORE


Dublin gunman shot cyclist during rush hour before he shot himself

A Dublin father was gunned down during rush-hour traffic in Dublin on Monday morning. Christopher O'Neill, 52, was shot at close range in the stomach by a man armed with a shotgun as he cycled down Glasnevin Avenue in North Dublin…READ MORE


Outrage as family of Real IRA feud victim receives compensation

Relatives of Omagh bomb victims have expressed their outrage after the British government confirmed it is to pay compensation to the family of a dissident Republican murdered by former associates in the organization…READ MORE


An American woman says she was forced to drop rape and assault charges against her own husband to remain in Ireland with her two children.Garry Weaser