Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish Travellers in U.S. marry young girls off as young as 13 to older men (VIDEO)

There are an estimated 10,000 people in the United States who identify themselves with the community of Irish Travellers, descended from a group of families that crossed the Atlantic as early as the 1830s…READ MORE


NYC Mayor hopeful Christine Quinn pledges support to Irish in reform battle

New York City Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn has pledged her support to make immigration reform a top priority if elected this fall to lead the nation's largest city…READ MORE


$3 million Limerick home sells for just $599,800

A mansion in Crecora, Co Limerick, complete with its very own private lake, has sold for €450,000 ($599,800), a huge drop from the €2.3m ($3m) asking price from three years ago…READ MORE



Viking loot from Ireland was made into jewelry in Scandinavia

A University College Cork scholar has made new discoveries about Viking loot that was ransacked from Ireland…READ MORE


430,000 visitors show up in Derry for annual Fleadh Cheoil

Over 430,000 people and 20,000 musicians and dancers showed up in Derry over 7 nights for the annual Fleadh Cheoil or Irish music festival…READ MORE


Promotional shot for a previous documentary on Travellers "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"Google Images